Benefits of Aluminum Double Glazing

If you are tired of repainting your door and window frames or drained from hearing the banging of warped doors and windows that refuse to open or close, then it is time to shift to aluminum double glazing. You can reap the benefits of aluminum double glazing right from installation to the many years that you will spend in the future, admiring it for its good looks and marveling at the lack of maintenance required to keep it in shape.

Double glazing is necessary for countries that have a very cold climate since it prevents the cold from coming in while sealing the warmth inside the home. However, previously frames of doors and windows were mainly made of wood. This presented several problems as wood tends to decay very quickly when exposed to snow and rain. It also warps quite easily and once it absorbs moisture then it also tends to bulge, thus causing a problem during opening or closing of the door or window. Wood also needs to be painted regularly to prevent rotting. The high cost and weight of wood is another limiting factor.

Aluminum double glazing is the solution

Aluminum double glazing on the other hand has several benefits.

  • It is not very expensive, and being extruded ensures that it can be shaped and cut to any size.
  • Framing with aluminum is extremely easy, and since it does not warp or bulge it can be measured precisely so as to offer a perfect fit.
  • Aluminum is available without any colours and you only need to cut it and frame it without even painting it.
  • Being rustproof helps it to weather extreme conditions when exposed to sun, snow and rain.

Aluminum double glazing is strong too

PVC is another material that has gained popularity in double glazing but it does not posses the same strength characteristics as aluminum. Aluminum double glazing that is fitted with dead bolts offers an extremely safe option to securing your home from thieves. Be it your main entrance door, sliding patio door or your majestic French windows, aluminum double glazing can hold your glazed glass in style. Modern glazed glass has several materials within the two layers to offer excellent cold-stopping and heat-sealing properties, and this can help you to remain warm within the confines of your home even in the harshest of winters.

Aluminum double glazing is easily customizable

Aluminum double glazing can easily be custom-made to fit any shape or size of doors and windows, and fitters can even do the framing at the site itself. One does not need any special tools to do the cutting and framing and this leads to a lot of time saved during installation. Aluminum double glazing best suits modern homes, and frames that are not painted merge well with such homes. The frame itself is light but sturdy and children too can open and close doors and windows without any problems.

aluminium double glazing

In addition, several enterprising manufacturers offer aluminum double glazing in many different colours, with some even offering different colours for the frame on either side, thus making it easy for you to get the colour of your choice on the outside and inside of your home. Select manufacturers also offer different glass finishes on either side to provide even more options to this versatile material.

When it comes to price, versatility, flexibility in design and finish, no other material can match up to it. If your home needs the best in framing and protection from natural and unwanted elements then go for aluminum double glazing and reap the benefits for years to come.

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