Advantages of uPVC Windows in Essex

If you are thinking of installing or replacing the windows in your home, there are several advantages to choosing uPVC for the frames, especially in our damp Essex climate. These are just some reasons we believe that uPVC windows are ideal for our Essex customers:

Outstanding heat insulation

PVCu provides much better heat insulation than aluminium. This helps you save energy on heating bills and keeps your home comfortable – warm in winter and cool in summer – as well as being more environmentally friendly.

Excellent weather resistance

uPVC window frames are very weather resistant. They can withstand wet weather conditions (great in Essex) and won’t rot or warp. They are also resistant to UV rays and won’t fade or deteriorate when exposed to too much sun or heat (not usually a problem in the UK!) PVCu is very suitable for both harsh city environments and humid beach areas as it resists corrosion too.

Reduces noise

uPVC windows have excellent sound proofing, particularly when combined with double glazing, and so noise levels will be reduced, helping you to enjoy a more peaceful home. You will also have fewer worries about your own household noise bothering neighbours.

Low maintenance

uPVC doesn’t require any special maintenance as it doesn’t rot, flake, rust or fade. All that is needed to keep it clean is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and possibly some detergent. As well as saving you time, the fact that you don’t need polish or paint reduces the costs usually associated with house maintenance.

Good value for money

These are the most popular types of window frames, so are easily available at an affordable price point. As well as being one of the less expensive options for window frames it will also save you more money over time due to reduced maintenance costs and lower energy bills. Its durability also makes it a good investment as uPVC windows will last for many years without any special maintenance.


As uPVC window frames are so resilient and robust they are very difficult to break through or damage. It is also easy to incorporate additional security features both to keep children safe inside and keep intruders out.

Wide range of choice

There was a time when uPVC windows were considered a less attractive option but all that has changed. They are now easily available in wood grain and coloured finishes as well as the standard white, so will suit all tastes. They are also available in a wide range of styles to suit both modern and traditional homes.

These types of window frames are so popular nowadays, due to all of the above mentioned advantages, that having them installed could even increase the value of your home. Most people want energy efficient, low maintenance and attractive solutions and uPVC windows could therefore make your home a lot more attractive to prospective buyers.

You can find out more about Castle Glass’s range of uPVC windows on our website or give us a call today to discuss your requirements.