Advantages of Double Glazing in Essex

There are several advantages to getting double glazing in Essex, but energy efficiency, noise reduction and your home’s comfort are the primary benefits. Essex homeowners need to fight the cold and rainy climate of the area, because heat loss can make your home uncomfortable and make your energy bills very costly in the winter months.

Double glazed Windows in Essex for energy savings

You might be wondering what a difference double glazing will make and the numbers can be quite impressive, in addition to the increase in resale value your home might gain.

  • Standard, single glazed windows can be responsible for 60% of the heat loss which occurs from your home.
  • you have a second pane installed and this creates an insulating cushion of air between them.
  • Your heating costs can decrease anywhere from 10% up to 50%, which is a considerable saving.

Both internal condensation and noise are reduced with the insulating cushion and extra layer.

Another advantage is the additional security it offers. They are harder to break and some of the internal glazing may be toughened glass or have locking systems of its own that can be installed.

double glazing in Essex

You can choose from a variety of materials. Essex based Castle Glass offers you the choice between PVCu, aluminium and timber frames to enhance the look of your home and add to the insulating value of your windows.

PVCu windows in particular offer excellent insulation and can really make a different to older homes. You can also get a variety of frame colour choices so that you can find one that is just right for your home. Using PVCu also eliminates the need for painting or additional repair and upkeep.

If you are thinking about making your home more comfortable and energy efficient, Castle Glass is one of the most reputable windows, doors and conservatories companies in Essex and can give you a no obligation consultation to help you make the best decision for you so you get the right double glazing for your home in Essex, Suffolk or Hertfordshire.

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