About Glaziers

Traditionally glaziers are professionals who work with residential, commercial and artistic glass, however modern glaziers offer much more. As well as selecting, cutting, installing, replacing and removing glass they usually offer full window and door installation or replacement and many will supply and install conservatories too.

Most glaziers will tend to focus either on commercial and industrial glazing jobs or, like Castle Glass in Essex, on residential and domestic glazing tasks.

Windows, doors and conservatories

Glaziers and windows

Obviously installing windows, doors and conservatories involves more than just working with glass. A professional residential glazier is able to work with the aluminium, PVCu and timber frames that support each of these structures too. Choosing a glazier for these types of jobs is an important decision, as the quality of the products and the craftsmanship could ultimately affect the value of your home.

Installing or replacing doors and windows is a task that will also affect the energy efficiency, comfort and maintenance requirements of your home for many years to come. Our customers know that their windows and doors need to be able to withstand both the cold and the wet for season after season, preferably without requiring too much ongoing maintenance and so are reassured by our 40 odd years of experience as Essex glaziers and the pride we take in the quality of our products and craftsmanship.

Similarly, designing and building a conservatory in Essex is a job that shouldn’t be taken lightly either. Whether it is an aluminium, timber or PVCu frame, your conservatory needs to be able to withstand the elements and continue to provide an attractive and comfortable space for a very long time, despite all the challenges that our damp climate and freezing winters provide.

Another task often undertaken by glaziers is installing secondary or double glazing. Both of these improve the energy efficiency of a home and can not only keep you warmer during our cold Essex winters but will probably also save you money on your heating bills. Double glazing is usually fitted when windows are installed or replaced, while secondary glazing is applied to existing windows.

Other glazing services

While the majority of work undertaken by modern domestic glaziers is now installing windows, doors and conservatories, this doesn’t mean that they don’t or won’t still take on traditional glazing jobs. Castle Glass is also happy to provide glass kitchen splashbacks, glass table tops, custom mirrors, safety glass and shower screens, amongst other things. We can complete almost any task that involves cutting glass to a specific size or shape in our workshop.

It’s also useful to bear in mind that glaziers can repair glass as well as providing new products. If you have cracked or broken windows, or failed double glazing units that need fixing, then a glazier should be your first port of call.

If you are looking for a glazier in Essex, please give Castle Glass a call and experience our professional, friendly and affordable glazing services for yourself.