Secondary Double Glazing in Essex

Is it Worth the Hassle and the Money?

Secondary double glazingI suppose that the short answer to the above question is yes and yes . . . but that doesn’t really give much information about just why any type of double glazing is definitely worth the hassle and the money. It doesn’t make any difference whether you are talking about sealed double glazing units or installing secondary double glazing onto existing single glazed windows – the benefits are there for all to see and feel.

At Castle Glass, our team based in Braintree Essex can advise you if secondary double glazing is the right solution for you. This will be based on your goals, the type of property you have and your budget.

Let’s start with thinking about thermal insulation – an incredible amount of heat can be lost through badly fitted or single glazed windows. Fitting secondary double glazing can help to keep your home warmer and reduce your heating bills. Let’s face it the Essex weather isn’t exactly hot and sunny all year round and so you want to keep your heat in and the cold out!

Here are some of the benefits of installing secondary glazing in your Essex home.

  • Double glazing significantly reduces the amount of heat loss from single glazed windows
  • This helps you to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint (which we all need to take seriously)
  • It helps to reduce your energy bills (your bank balance will certainly thank you for that)
  • It helps to keep your home cosy and warm (your family will thank you for that)

Sound and Noise Insulation is also an issue for some, if you live on a noisy street or close to one of Essex’s airports, then this may well be a consideration when deciding on the window options that are right for you and your home. More great benefits of fitted secondary double glazing;

  • It helps to reduce outside noises, passing traffic, street noise etc – leaving you to enjoy a peaceful evening watching television or a quiet night’s sleep
  • Can help to cut down on airport noise if you happen to live on the flight-path
  • It can help to cut out other types of outside noise

Secondary double glazing is a relatively cheap and easy method of improving your quality of life. Many secondary double glazing units are easy to fit yet can make a big difference to your comfort and finances as well as helping to make your home more environmentally friendly.

So if you live in the Essex area and are looking for a secondary glazing company then we can help, simply pick up the phone today and call 01376 330069 to speak to one of our team.